Rena's ISTE conference notes:

Session 1 - Interactive Whiteboard Technology: Exploring the Next Generation 8:30-9:30 Monday
Brightlink - one device - limited space - less expensive
all in the projector - it turns anything into an interactive source
united streaming
google earth
1st of new generation of projectors - EPSON
new zone
internet in the clasroom
interactive white board
SMART - utilize
all in the projector - it turns anything into an interactive source
$1799 for a projector - bulb $169 - Bulb life 2500 hours? +2 pens (batteries) cost to replace $55.54 (1)
At least 2 days of staff development!!!
Activity - make a text box - put the presidents in order
faces on currency or coins - matching
tracing (pictures/maps)
capture & save
Ted Lai Director Fullerton School District

Engagement 11:00-12:00 Monday
active learning - being involved in learning - not just sitting taking up space.
Picture from American Literature and write a story.
using hairdryers to create hurricane
Think critically, creatively, artifacts
Technolgy & Engagement
Esquire - Robert Downey Jr. - Augmented Reality
News Dots
*360 cities website - repository of panoramic pictures of cities of the word!!!* Good for Social Studies!
geography lesson- culture? religion? architecture?
Where would you like to live?
field trip tour
visitor's guide w/ passport
Engagement Observation Protocol
What's going on in this classroom?
Moblile Engagement Observation Protocol MEOP - watching student teachers learn to teach & they can watch each other
Look over time what goes on. The ebb & flow of teachers
Homework- get a friend to watch you teach.

12:30-1:30 Monday
You can do It! Effortless Assistive Technology in the classroom. Jennifer Courduff
Assistive Technology must be discussed at every IEP meeting. Reality of certain critical elements. Training = empowerment = technology integration
Ongoing support = follow through
small group, one one one, face to face, online, in a lab, on site, planned, spontaneous, training sessions = effective model
fusion writers = text to speech - 10 minute direct instruction
voice narration in Power Point/ Photo Story 3
start with things that are there and free. Here's what it is - here's how to use it - here's how to integrate it - here's how to manage it!
One new skill introduced in each session.
Using UnitedStreaming with Special Needs students - 3 sessions

2:00-3:00 Monday Games & Simulations
What's the difference between winners & losers?
explicit rules
Future of Educational Software
Increased Understanding
Formal Classroom
Combined approach
curriculum integration
Formative Assessment
www.ecomuve.orgModeled after Black's
Game Changers for Digital Media Learning
Flat World + Evolutionary Computation
Grab at tool and use it
Use kids as human resources
Evolutionary Computation = Emergence from Networks
Variation & Extinction

11:00-12:00 Tuesday all the instructions- instructional videos- everything you need
SMART Inclusion Schools
10 tools to help kids
accomodate all kids
use pictures
universal design
ablenet jelly switch
kids that started with nothing and are now speaking www.ted.comSugata Mitra
YouTube - Water Cycle Song
Write your own water cycle song.- assignment
use pop-up grid

1:00 Tuesday Smart Board Tips & Techniques
1.Semantic = words, symbols, facts, and figures
2.Episodic = location, circumstances, and events
3.Procedural =physcial, manipulatives, hands-on
4.Emotional = how the memory made you feel
Hadjudodat? (Jeff Foxworthy)
Add tools you need
Remove those you don't
Customize Tool Bar
Hold your finger on the white board a few seconds= right click
Paint bucket only works with their objects
Rearrange & Customize Objects (APWH - Units - different colors)
Visuals very important
Mac & PC SMART uses both (it doesn't matter)
Tech support is not outsourced! :) The person will be very helpful and is not from overseas.
Background color and font color can be changed.
font = use minimum of 24! Recommend 36.
72 points is an inch.
Center the text so you can do alignment
Under View - Alignment
Fonts are computer dependent!
Take a picture of it - Recapture
Create some pull tabs - under gallery - you can put them up, down, left, or right
Objective of the day on a pull tab (Sponge)
put text in it, group it, and pull it
notebook software
Save them to my content if you like
tip page
picture transparency
select the object - save it to my content
double click on it "purple cow"
2nd camera takes a picture of the full screen
Move the Magic Glass to Find the Best Football Team
blue word on a blue background
use elipse shape & trapazoid shape
animation flip over the bottom access
question + answer + reveal
*TeqSMART games has Jeopardy, Deal or No Deal, card games, and pre-made game boards
*SMART EXCHANGE - Notebook Game Files

object animation
magic pen

Tuesday 2:00-3:00 Digital Tools for Teaching with Documents from the National Archives
*Most important session for Social Studies Department!!!
The Constitution at Work
Seeing the Big Picture
Pre-made lessons you can use + make your own lessons, or tweak theirs
The National Archives
"Use to Create an Activity" click on it
Mapping History
Finding a Sequence - put them in order
Focusing on Details
Interpreting Data
*kids can email teachers answers to activities! built into program

Web literacy for the Digital Generation 8:30-9:30 Wedn.
Critical Thinking & Web Search
Improving Search in the Classroom
Sir Francis Bacon - 1605
  • "Nimble & versatile" enough to see relationships among things, in addition to subtle distinctions between them.
  • Inquisitive
  • Patient enough to doubt and ask questions
  • fond of reflecting
  • slow to assert and ready to consider multiple points of view.
  • Careful to support their points of view and to formulate an argument with reasons and evidence.
  • A slave neither to passing trends nor to established traditions but capable
Q. What do you believe are the important skils needed to develop critical thinking in the 21st century students?
Better questioning on the teacher's part.
Slowing down, learning to look deeper into a question, rather than the quick fix.
Creativity & thinking outside the "box."
  • Search efficiently and effectively
  • Distinguish kinds of sources, and analyze a source's validity and reliability
  • Make a habit of cross-checking facts, even from reliable sources
  • Conscientiously and properly attribute
Critical Thinking & Web Research Curriculum - Chris O'Neal

Fielded questions/feedback from media specialists, content area teachers, computer lab instructors: What areas are most critical in preparing studentsto be web literate? What activiities?
Key Areas:
  • Mechanics of Effective Searching
  • Validity and Reliability
  • Citing Sources
  • Civil Discourse
  • Netiquette
  • Plagiarism
  • Safety
Publisher of website? Do you trust this website? What if your dad was sick? Really good question to check validity of site.
Citing your sources. Mechanics. Teach them!

Discover Bing education
new collections
ClassSearch Project Microsoft Research
*"crap detection 101"

3D Animation 10:30-11:30 Wedn.
Smoky Hill H.S.
workstations to keep students engaged
30 intel based work stations
after effects
IB digital arts program

Great Gadgets 1:30-2:30 Wedn.
Google voice
sets up on universall phone number
you can then attach your numbers
you can then delegate #'s that call you
simmply send your travel itineraries to from your signed up email account
be careful with social networkng

free twitter account
choose widget
customize to your school website
profile widget
you can have more than one twitter page

Tweetdeck can support more than one twitter page

Remember the - to do lists - completely free
these notes can be shared
This is awesome! Public Document
limited to 15 people

Googledocs - go into settings to mypass 15 user limit
Etherpad if you want something to be turned into PDF - video - you tube - tell it what format you want - in 20 minutes you will get an email - create an account - use a web cam & broadcast - This is awesome! Think about this for bringing a professional into the classroom remote backup data