Glogster: Great examples use

Geometer's Sketchpad with technology use
  • Curve fitting - pictures with geometer;s sketchpad
  • Rollar Coaster - slope
  • Scavenger Hunt - pictures slope
  • Logos - Finding geometri shapes
  • Chaos Game - pascals triangle
  • Recording a lesson

Oh, the things you can do with google docs:
Blogs video Tammy Worcester:

Free downloads - Graphing Calculator pretty good!

Smartboard lessons for free!

Janet's ISTE conference notes:

Monday 8:30
TED.COM great education website.
Book: Here comes everybody
Blog about things that are important to you. Environmental issues, political issues, etc. Just write about passions. Be part of something bigger than ourselves
Connecting with adults around the world...not a bad thing. The do not understand skills and literacies that go along with the skills needed to learn and interact.
We need to learn to interact with strangers. (Break the basic parent commandment!)

Blessed Unrest - Paul Hawken
Ecological Intelligence - Daniel Goleman (understanding the entire chain it takes to get a product to you)
Autor Clay Shirkley (Didn't get the name of the book!)
Tribes - Seth Godin (We have everything we need to build something bigger that ourselves)

The most terrifying video you will ever see youtube video A book - What;s the worst that an happen (Global Warming)
Teach them to use social tools to become activists.

Example of a child blog...25 days to make a difference.

Ryan's Well...another child finds way to create wells in Africa.

This cannot be a "unit" It must be taught all year, every year.

NCTE are changing the literacies standards. We are not even close to reaching these.

Polarization - there are two truths. Is there global warming or not? When we were growing up, the truth came from Walter Cronkite. We now must all be Walter Cronkite!

On Wikipedia check the discussion tab. This is where people are trying to figure out what is truth.

GoodGuide IPhone App. Scans barcodes. Health/environment/society his is the info you get about any product to help make better decisions on what to buy.

Personal learning network - How do we get kids to create these? In safe, effective and ethical ways?

What is Engagement, Really, and where can I get some? Monday 11:00

Materials willl be attached to ISTE Website.


Technology and Mathematics 12:30
this whole presentation is online


SmartBoard calculus presentation
Wil be online this afternoon
Can drag from emulator to smartboard!!!!!

en-design abobe product we have it! adobe suite???


Social Networking in the classroom or school - Panel Discussion 2:00 Monday

Social media gives the very shy students an outlet. Another tool to help english language learners. You have the time to make sure that you are saying what you want to say.

This is a panel...nothing said that we don't already know :)

Empathy: The 21st century skill Alan November Tuesday 11:00

  • Internet power is not looking info up on google...its connecting people to people
  • Children should graduate with a network of people they can tap into for life.
  • A way to poll students using their text messaging - did you get the BOP right? Which problem on the HW was the hardest, etc.
  • Empathy - The ability to see different points of view (globally) Americans are not good at this. We do not understand other cultures, languages, opinions, etc.
  • Michael Wesch - look up on youtube. (He is an anthropologist)
  • Test scores as our mission is wrong! We need to change our mission.
  • We need to spend staff development time having teachers come up with lessons they have never before given.
  • Giving a test on the American Revolution versus having a debate with a classroom from Britain. Which one will student prepare for with more enthusiasm? Technology beyond the calculator

Video projects. Power Point/Photo Story 3


Mobile Wireless Devices That Empower Engagement, Learning, adn Assessment 2:00 Tuesday

Google Forms She also has a book.
Anything on google is not on your computer...
Google spreadsheets to keep role, lesson plans, etc. All can then be published. Can be shared with other teachers.
Forms - can do surveys and publish the survey and publish it to facebook, email etc.

Math 4 keeps 8:30 Wednesday

Blog Dan Meyer
Reading standards are uninspiring...
We want math to be empowering..
google small change big returns wikispaces
ScreenToaster Free on-ine Screen Recorder
VCASMO free photo video slide show.
Find Teacher Vodcasting Network (google)
Manga High website
BrightStorm question part a blogging tool that doesn't require registration. In Canada it is against the law to have students registered for any site that is seen outside of Canada.
twiddla white board to use 24-7
twducate teacher registers but students do not have to. She has it running in her class. Have students put concerns or questions up and let students answer.

Crap Detection 101: Educator call to action

If a website doesn't have an author, then be skeptical
Whois website to find the authors.
Example: Hitler, Martin Luther, Free on-line pregnancy test, Pacific northwest tree octopus to find out who owns the site if there is no author listed.

An article to read
Teaching a student to use the internet while there are firewalls up is like teaching a student to drive without traffic.
Again...we need to teach kids to be responsible on the internet and sheltering them is not the way to do this.