Here's some general information about the ISTE conference (as per Dan's email):

  • Plan on parking at the convention center parking garage. I think it is $10/day (not 100% sure, so carpool if you want to save some dough).
  • Come early Monday, to park and get checked in.
  • Plan on attending 8:30-9:30 session and then let's meet under the big blue bear (inside) at 9:30 (2nd session is at 10:30). This is to promote exhibit hall and breakfast from (9:45-10:15). we will meet by the bear, then head into exhibit hall.... to the back (all the front breakfast stuff will be packed) grab a snack and drink and then lets meet for about 15 and talk out our plan for the day.
  • Sessions fill up, go early, watch out for vendor presentations (might have freebies, but might be more of a a sales pitch), don’t be afraid to leave and find something that meets your needs (from any session), especially if you had a couple sections you really wanted to go to.
  • Talk throughout the day and try to connect with others who are attending the same session, so you can collaborate and share notes.

Some useful links: