Welcome to the WRHS Tech Wiki

Here's the deal, generally speaking:

  • The left side-bar has links to all of the pages in this Wiki.
  • Click the 'edit' button in the upper-right corner to edit the current page.
  • The 'discussion' tab above can be used to create a discussion thread regarding the currently selected page only.

Here's the deal for us teachers attending the ISTE conference:

  • We can use this Wiki to share notes from the conference.
  • I have created a separate page for each of you - You should see it in the left sidebar. If it's not there, simply click 'new page' and create it yourself.
  • Click on your page, click 'edit', and then type your notes. Don't forget to click 'save'.
  • Don't worry about formatting - We can revist this later and make organizational changes.
  • If you'd like to start a discussion thread, please click on the 'General Info for ISTE conference' page, then click on the 'discussion' tab above.